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Tudela, J.A., López-Gálvez, F., Allende, A., Gil, M.I. (2019)
Chlorination management in commercial fresh produce processing lines
Food Control, 106, art. no. 106760, .

López-Gálvez, F., Gil, M.I., Andújar, S., Allende, A. (2019)
Suitability of centrifuge water for detecting the presence of Escherichia coli versus finished fresh-cut lettuce testing
Food Microbiology, 84, art. no. 103271, .

Teruel-Montoya, R., Luengo-Gil, G., Vallejo, F., Yuste, J.E., Bohdan, N., García-Barberá, N., Espín, S., Martínez, C., Espín, J.C., Vicente, V., Martínez-Martínez, I. (2019)
Differential miRNA expression profile and proteome in plasma exosomes from patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
Scientific Reports, 9 (1), art. no. 3611, .

Pino Ramos, L.L., Jiménez-Aspee, F., Theoduloz, C., Burgos-Edwards, A., Domínguez-Perles, R., Oger, C., Durand, T., Gil-Izquierdo, Á., Bustamante, L., Mardones, C., Márquez, K., Contreras, D., Schmeda-Hirschmann, G. (2019)
Phenolic, oxylipin and fatty acid profiles of the Chilean hazelnut (Gevuina avellana): Antioxidant activity and inhibition of pro-inflammatory and metabolic syndrome-associated enzymes
Food Chemistry, 298, art. no. 125026, .

Vallejo, F., Yuste, J.E., Teruel-Montoya, R., Luengo-Gil, G., Bohdan, N., Espín, S., García-Barberá, N., Martínez, C., Vicente, V., Espín, J.C., Martínez-Martínez, I. (2019)
First exploratory study on the metabolome from plasma exosomes in patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
Thrombosis Research, 183, pp. 80-85.

Giménez-Bastida, J.A., Ávila-Gálvez, M.Á., Espín, J.C., González-Sarrías, A. (2019)
Conjugated Physiological Resveratrol Metabolites Induce Senescence in Breast Cancer Cells: Role of p53/p21 and p16/Rb Pathways, and ABC Transporters
Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, 63 (22), art. no. 1900629, .

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Contribution of plant food bioactives in promoting health effects of plant foods: why look at interindividual variability?
European Journal of Nutrition, 58, pp. 13-19.

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Future prospects for dissecting inter-individual variability in the absorption, distribution and elimination of plant bioactives of relevance for cardiometabolic endpoints
European Journal of Nutrition, 58, pp. 21-36.

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Improving the reporting quality of intervention trials addressing the inter-individual variability in response to the consumption of plant bioactives: quality index and recommendations
European Journal of Nutrition, 58, pp. 49-64.

García-Villalba, R., Selma, M.V., Espín, J.C., Tomás-Barberán, F.A. (2019)
Identification of Novel Urolithin Metabolites in Human Feces and Urine after the Intake of a Pomegranate Extract
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 67 (40), pp. 11099-11107.

Ávila-Gálvez, M.Á., Romo-Vaquero, M., González-Sarrías, A., Espín, J.C. (2019)
Kinetic disposition of dietary polyphenols and methylxanthines in the rat mammary tissue
Journal of Functional Foods, 61, art. no. 103516, .

Domínguez-Perles, R., Gil-Izquierdo, A., Ferreres, F., Medina, S. (2019)
Update on oxidative stress and inflammation in pregnant women, unborn children (nasciturus), and newborns – Nutritional and dietary effects
Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 142, pp. 38-51. Cited 1 time.

Tudela, J.A., López-Gálvez, F., Allende, A., Hernández, N., Andújar, S., Marín, A., Garrido, Y., Gil, M.I. (2019)
Operational limits of sodium hypochlorite for different fresh produce wash water based on microbial inactivation and disinfection by-products (DBPs)
Food Control, 104, pp. 300-307. Cited 3 times.

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Nutrients, 11 (10), art. no. 2489, .

García-Mantrana, I., Calatayud, M., Romo-Vaquero, M., Espín, J.C., Selma, M.V., Collado, M.C. (2019)
Urolithin metabotypes can determine the modulation of gut microbiota in healthy individuals by tracking walnuts consumption over three days
Nutrients, 11 (10), art. no. 2483, .

del Río, L., Salinas, J., Buendía, A.J., García-Conesa, M.-T. (2019)
The inhibitory effect of flavonoids and their gut-derived metabolites on the replication of Chlamydia abortus in the AH-1 ovine trophoblast cell line
Research in Veterinary Science, 126, pp. 199-206.

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A Box-Behnken Design for Optimal Extraction of Phenolics from Almond By-products
Food Analytical Methods, 12 (9), pp. 2009-2024.

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Urolithin Metabotypes can Anticipate the Different Restoration of the Gut Microbiota and Anthropometric Profiles during the First Year Postpartum
Nutrients, 11 (9), .

Laura del Rio, Jesús Salinas, Antonio J. Buendía and María-Teresa García-Conesa* (2019)
The inhibitory effect of flavonoids and their gut-derived metabolites on the replication of Chlamydia abortus in the AH-1 ovine trophoblast cell line.
Research in Veterinary Science, 2019, 126, 199–206;

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Bioavailability of broccoli sprouts in different human overweight populations
Journal of Functional Foods, 59, pp. 337-344.

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Nutrients, 11 (8), art. no. 1805, .

Gil, M.I., López-Gálvez, F., Andújar, S., Moreno, M., Allende, A. (2019)
Disinfection by-products generated by sodium hypochlorite and electrochemical disinfection in different process wash water and fresh-cut products and their reduction by activated carbon
Food Control, 100, pp. 46-52.

Inada, K.O.P., Tomás-Barberán, F.A., Perrone, D., Monteiro, M. (2019)
Metabolism of ellagitannins from jabuticaba (Myrciaria jaboticaba) in normoweight, overweight and obese Brazilians: Unexpected laxative effects influence urolithins urinary excretion and metabotype distribution
Journal of Functional Foods, 57, pp. 299-308.

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Irrigation deficit turns almond by-products into a valuable source of antimicrobial (poly)phenols
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Food Funct. 10, pp. 3135-3141.

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Differential miRNA expression profile and proteome in plasma exosomes from patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria.
Sci Rep. 9, art. no. 3611.

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Tea Is a Significant Dietary Source of Ellagitannins and Ellagic Acid
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Chlorate uptake during washing is influenced by product type and cut piece size, as well as washing time and wash water content
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Molecules, 24 (8), art. no. 1632;, .

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Interindividual Variability in Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion of Food Phytochemicals Should Be Reported

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Re-examining the role of the gut microbiota in the conversion of the lipid-lowering statin monacolin K (lovastatin) into its active β-hydroxy acid metabolite
Food and Function, 10 (4), pp. 1787-1791.

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Clinical Nutrition, 38 (2), pp. 745-752.

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Nutrients.  Apr 15;11(4). pii: E850. doi: 10.3390/nu11040850.

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Suitability of chlorine dioxide as a tertiary treatment for municipal wastewater and use of reclaimed water for overhead irrigation of baby lettuce
Food Control, 96, pp. 186-193.


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