Scientifics Publications- 2019

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Truchado, P., Gil, M.I., Moreno-Candel, M., Allende, A. 2019.
Impact of weather conditions, leaf age and irrigation water disinfection on the major epiphytic bacterial genera of baby spinach grown in an open field.
Food Microbiology, 78, 46-52. IF=4.089, Q1

Tombini Decol, L, López-Gálvez, F., Truchado, P., Tondo, E.C., Gil, M.I., Allende, A. 2019. Suitability of chlorine dioxide as a tertiary treatment for municipal wastewater and use of reclaimed water for overhead irrigation of baby lettuce.
Food Control.  IF=4.248, Q1

López-Gálvez, F., Tudela, J.A., Allende, A., Gil, M.I. 2019.
Microbial and chemical characterization of commercial washing lines of fresh produce highlights the need for process water control.
Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies, 51, 211-219.  IF=4.085, Q1

Gil, M.I., López-Gálvez, F., Andújar, S., Moreno, M., Allende, A. 2019.
Disinfection by-products generated by sodium hypochlorite and electrochemical disinfection in different process wash water and fresh-cut products and their reduction by activated carbon.
Food Control, 100, 46-52.  IF=4.248, Q1

Garrido, Y., Marín, A., Tudela, J.A., Allende, A., Gil, M.I. 2019.
Chlorate uptake during washing is influenced by product type and cut piece size, as well as washing time and wash water content.
Postharvest Biology and Technology, 2019, 151, 45-52.  IF=3.927, Q1

García, C.J., Gil, M.I., Tomas-Barberan, F.A. 2019.
Targeted metabolomics analysis and identification of biomarkers for predicting browning of fresh-cut lettuce.
J. Agric. Food Chem., 2019, 67, 5908-5917. 10.1021/acs.jafc.9b01539  IF=3.571, Q1

Tudela, J.A., López-Gálvez, F., Allende, A., Hernández, N., Andújar, S., Marín, A., Garrido, Y., Gil, M.I. 2019.
Operational limits of sodium hypochlorite for different fresh produce wash water based on microbial inactivation and disinfection by-products (DBPs).
Food Control, 104, 300-307.  IF=4.248, Q1

Tudela, J.A., López-Gálvez, F., Allende, A., Gil, M.I. 2019.
Chlorination management in commercial fresh produce processing lines.
Food Control, 106,

López-Gálvez, F., Gil, M.I., Andujar, S. Allende, A. 2019.
Suitability of centrifuge water for detecting the presence of Escherichia coli versus finished fresh-cut lettuce testing.
Food Microbiology, 84, 103271,  IF=4.089, Q1.

Gadelha, J.R., Allende, A., López-Gálvez, F., Fernández, P., Gil, M.I., Egea, J.A. 2019. Chemical risks associated with ready-to-eat vegetables: quantitative analysis to estimate formation and/or accumulation of disinfection byproducts during washing.
EFSA Journal, 17(S2),e170913.


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