Lines of research

First blog post

• Production of high quality early-ripening peach and nectarine by using “embryo rescue”.

• Development of a genotype-independent procedure to transform into Prunus and  into other woody species.

• Evaluation of constructions that allow the elimination of marker genes and the production of marker-free transgenic plants.

• Evaluation of alternative selection strategies to avoid using antibiotic resistant genes.

• Transformation of commercial apricot trees with pathogen-derived genes to induce resistance to sharka virus by gene silencing.

• Transformation of commercial apricot trees with genes involved in the systemic resistance to produce plants resistant to fungus and bacteria.

• Transformation of Walnut (Juglans hindsii x J. regia, cv. Vlach) to induce resistance to crown gall.

• Physiological and biochemical bases of Prunus-plum pox virus interaction. Function of anti-oxidative metabolism.

• Using environment-friendly treatments to increase tolerance to environmental stress in plants.

• Studies of proteins expression by means of proteomic techniques.

Group Staff

Burgos Ortiz, Lorenzo Prof. de Inv.
Ext - 445317
Hernández Cortés, José Antª Inv. Cientf.
Ext - 445319
Alburquerque Ferrando, Nuria Inv. Cientf.
Ext - 445373
Pedro Díaz Vivancos Cientf. Titu. Ext - 445517
Piqueras Castillo, Abel Cientf. Titu.
Ext - 445335
Lydia Bremaud Lab. Fijo Indefinido
Ext - 445495
Barba Espín, Gregorio Contrato "Saavedra Fajardo" Ext - 445473
Jurado Mañogil, Carmen Contrato Proyecto Ext- 445496
Pérez Caselles, Cristian Contratado FPU Ext.-445383




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