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Research of this Group is focused on the identification of biological processes related to abiotic stress tolerance, as well as those processes involved in the fruit quality and conservation of important agronomic species grown under mediterranean conditions, carrying out a range of research from agronomic responses to identification of antioxidant metabolic pathways and functional analysis of genes.

The main research lines are:

• Identification, selection and characterization of horticultural crops, especially tomato, for tolerance to salinity and drought.

• Molecular, biochemical and genetic mechanisms in ripening, conservation and fruit quality.

• Identification, characterization and use of antioxidant systems to obtain safe and healthy agricultural products.

Group Staff

Bolarín Jiménez, Mª Carmen Prof. de Inv.
Ext - 6311
Sevilla Valenzuela, Francisca Prof. de Inv.
Ext - 6323
Olmos Aranda, Enrique Inv. Cientf.
Ext - 6336
Estañ Campello, Teresa Inv. Cientf.
Ext - 6312
Flores Pardo, Francisco Borja Cientf. Titu.
Ext - 6378
Jimenez Hurtado, Ana Cientf. Titu.
Ext - 6243
Saura Pérez, Consuelo Aydt. Invest.
Ext - 6220
Campos Serrano, Juan Francisco Aydt. Invest.
Ext - 6219
Morales Pérez, Belén Laboral Indefinido
Ext - 6219
Camejo López, Daymi Juan de la Cierva
Ext - 6235
Correa Rueda, Sandra C. Contrato Proyecto
Ext - 6236
Egea Sánchez, isabel JAE PostDoc.
Ext - 6220
Fernández García, Nieves Ramón y Cajal
Ext - 6107
García Abellán, José Osvaldo Contrato Proyecto
Ext - 6292
López Berenguer, Carmen Juan de la Cierva
Ext - 6292
Martínez Alcalá, Isabel Mª Contrato Proyecto
Ext - 6236
Parra Gómez, Margarita Contrato Proyecto
Ext - 6292
Salvador Rubio, José JAE PostDoc.
Ext - 6274
Sánchez Bel, Paloma JAE PostDoc.
Ext - 6220
Abdalla Bardisi, Enas JAE PreDoc.
Ext - 6274
Calderón Pérez, Aingeru Beca FPI
Ext - 6235
López Vidal, Omar Roberto Beca posdoc Ext - 6236  
Meco Martínez, Victoriano Beca FPI
Ext - 6219
Ortiz Espín, Ana Mª Beca FPI
Ext - 6235
Plasencia Martínez, Félix Antº JAE PreDoc.
Ext - 6219
Sánchez Guerrero, Antonio Mª Beca FPI Ext - 6235






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