Lines of research

First blog post

• Development of strategies for improving the knowledge on the mechanisms conducting the processes of soil degradation and rehabilitation, and particularly those of C cycle.

• Obtaining sensitive bioindicators of biological soil quality and functionality, based on its microbial activity, biochemistry (enzymology), and biodiversity.

• Recycling in soil of organic amendments and their effect on C sequestration

• Composting of organic wastes for agricultural use

Group Staff

García Izquierdo, Carlos Prof. de Inv.
Ext - 6325
Hernández Fernández, Mª Teresa Prof. de Inv.
Ext - 6322
Bastida López, Felipe Inv. Cientf. Ext - 6106
Pascual Valero, José Antº Inv. Cientf.
Ext - 6339
Sánchez Monedero, Miguel Ángel Inv. Cientf.
Ext - 6364
Cayuela García, Mª Luz Investigador Distinguido
Ext - 6109
Moreno Ortego, José Luis Cientf. Titu.
Ext - 6262
Ros Muñoz, Margarita Cientf. Titu.
Ext - 6258
Chocano Vañó, Carmen Laboral indefinido
Ext - 6259
Coll Almela, Mª Dolores Laboral indefinido
Ext - 6259
Camacho Travel, Mª del Mar Contrato Proyect.
Ext -
López Cano, Inés Contrato Proyect.
Ext -
Lucas García, Alberto Contrato Proyect.
Ext -
Ondoño Tovar, Sara Contrato Proyect.
Ext -
Pascual de la Vega, Blanca Contrato Proyect.    
Piñera Morcillo, Irene Contrato Proyect.
Ext -
Ruiz Navarro, Antonio “investigador ComFuturo” Ext - 6264
Sánchez García, María Contrato Proyect.
Ext -
Siles Martos, José Antonio Contrato Juan de la Cierva Ext - 6106
Blaya, Josefa Beca FPU
Ext -
Chacón Paco, F. Javier Beca FPI    
Torres Bocero, Irene Florentín Beca FPI
Ext -
Vera Ayala, Alfonso Beca FPI Ext - 6264



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