Scientifics Publications- 2021

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Birlanga, V., Acosta-Motos, J. R., & Pérez-Pérez, J. M., (2021).
Genotype-Dependent Tipburn Severity during Lettuce Hydroponic Culture Is Associated with Altered Nutrient Leaf Content.
Agronomy, 11(4), p.616.

Crisóstomo-Ayala K, Hernández de la Torre M, Pedreño MA., Hernández JA, Pérez C, Bustos E, Sánchez-Olate M, Ríos D (2021)
Seasonal changes in photosynthesis, phenolic content, antioxidant activity and anatomy of apical and basal leaves of Aristotelia chilensis (Mol.) Stuntz
Biología Plantarum 65: 342-350.

Juan-Vicedo, J., Ramírez-Luna, J.E., Piqueras, A., Casas, J.L. (2021)
Micropropagation and cryopreservation by vitrification of the Spanish endemic medicinal plant Sideritis leucantha Cav. subsp. leucantha (Lamiaceae)
In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology - Plant, 57 (6), pp. 1057-1065.
DOI: 10.1007/s11627-021-10173-5

Gregorio Barba-Espín, Christian Martínez-Jiménez, Alberto Izquierdo-Martínez, José Ramón Acosta-Motos, José A. Hernández, Pedro Díaz-Vivancos (2021)
H2O2-elicitation of black carrot hairy roots induces a controlled oxidative burst leading to increased anthocyanin production.
Special Issue Bioactive Compounds and Antioxidants in Plants
Plants 10, 2753

José R. Acosta-Motos, Pedro Díaz-Vivancos, Verónica Becerra-Gutiérrez, José A. Hernández Cortés and Gregorio Barba-Espín (2021)
Comparative evaluation of Eastern carrot accessions for main agricultural traits.
Special Issue “Crop Breeding and Genetics”
Agronomy, 11, 2460.

Ben Hamed Karim, Castagna Antonella; Ranieri Annamaria; Santin Marco; Debez Ahmed; Abdelly Chedly; Hernandez José Antonio; Barba-Espin Gregorio (2021)
Halophyte based Mediterranean agriculture in the contexts of food insecurity and global climate change.
Environm. Exp. Bot. 191, Artículo 104601

Pérez-Caselles, C., Faize, L., Burgos, L., Alburquerque, N. (2021)
Improving adventitious shoot regeneration and transient agrobacterium-mediated transformation of apricot (Prunus armeniaca l.) hypocotyl sections
Agronomy, 11 (7), art. no. 1338,.

Hernández, J.A., Díaz-Vivancos, P., Martínez-Sánchez, G., Alburquerque, N., Martínez, D., Barba-Espín, G., Acosta-Motos, J.R., Carrera, E., García-Bruntón, J. (2021)
Physiological and biochemical characterization of bud dormancy: Evolution of carbohydrate and antioxidant metabolisms and hormonal profile in a low chill peach variety
Scientia Horticulturae, 281, art. no. 109957, . Cited 2 times.

Hernández, J.A., Díaz-Vivancos, P., Acosta-Motos, J.R., Alburquerque, N., Martínez, D., Carrera, E., García-Bruntón, J., Barba-Espín, G. (2021)
Interplay among antioxidant system, hormone profile and carbohydrate metabolism during bud dormancy breaking in a high-chill peach variety
Antioxidants, 10 (4), art. no. 560, .

Yepes-Molina Lucia, Hernandez Jose Antonio, Carvajal Micaela (2021)
Nanoencapsulation of pomegranate extract to increase stability and potential dermatological protection.
Pharmaceutics 13, 271.

Hernández JA, Diaz-Vivancos P, Acosta-Motos JR, Barba-Espín G (2021)
Where biotic and abiotic stress responses converge: common patterns in response to salinity and Plum pox virus infection in pea and peach plants.
Annals of Applied Biology, Special Issue Plants under attack: Surviving the stress, 178:281-292.

Beatriz Lorente, Inés Zugasti, María Fernanda Ortuño, Pedro Nortes, Sebastián Bañón, José Antonio Hernández, María Jesús Sánchez-Blanco (2021)
Substrate composition affects the development of water stress and subsequent recovery by inducing physiological changes in Cistus albidus plants.
Plant Physiol Biochem 158: 125-135

Padilla IMG, Barba-Espín G, Hernández JA, Piqueras A, Burgos L (2021)
Acetylsalicylic acid improved antioxidative status and cold storage of encapsulated nodal buds of neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss.)
Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture.144: 261-270.

Bnikkou, S., Laknifli, A., Majourhat, K., Jalili, S., Hernandez, J.A., Martínez-Gómez, P., Martínez-García, P.J. (2021)
Molecular characterization using SSR markers and biochemical analysis of Moroccan and Spanish argan [Argania spinosa (L.) Skeels] ecotypes under water stress and rewatering
Biologia, 76 (2), pp. 799-808.


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