Scientifics Publications- 2020

First blog post

Pitzalis, N., Amari, K., Graindorge, S., Pflieger, D., Donaire, L., Wassenegger, M., Llave, C., Heinlein, M. (2020)
Turnip mosaic virus in oilseed rape activates networks of sRNA-mediated interactions between viral and host genomes
Communications Biology, 3 (1), art. no. 702, .

Torre, C., Agüero, J., Gómez-Aix, C., Aranda, M.A. (2020)
Comparison of DAS-ELISA and qRT-PCR for the detection of cucurbit viruses in seeds
Annals of Applied Biology, 176 (2), pp. 158-169. Cited 1 time.

Aranda, M.A. (2020)
Plant virology: Alive and kicking!
Annals of Applied Biology, 176 (2), pp. 100-101.

Liu, M., Liang, Z., Aranda, M.A., Hong, N., Liu, L., Kang, B., Gu, Q. (2020)
A cucumber green mottle mosaic virus vector for virus-induced gene silencing in cucurbit plants
Plant Methods, 16 (1), art. no. 9, .

Alcaide, C., Rabadán, M.P., Juárez, M., Gómez, P. (2020)
Long-Term Cocirculation of Two Strains of Pepino Mosaic Virus in Tomato Crops and Its Effect on Population Genetic Variability
Phytopathology, 110 (1), pp. 49-57.


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