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Últimas Publicaciones del CEBAS

Allende, A., Castro-Ibáñez, I., Lindqvist, R., Gil, M.I., Uyttendaele, M., Jacxsens, L. (2017)
Quantitative contamination assessment of Escherichia coli in baby spinach primary production in Spain: Effects of weather conditions and agricultural practices
International Journal of Food Microbiology, 257, pp. 238-246.

Ferreres, F., Grosso, C., Gil-Izquierdo, A., Valentão, P., Mota, A.T., Andrade, P.B. (2017)
Optimization of the recovery of high-value compounds from pitaya fruit by-products using microwave-assisted extraction
Food Chemistry, 230, pp. 463-474.

Truchado, P., Gil, M.I., Reboleiro, P., Rodelas, B., Allende, A. (2017)
Impact of solar radiation exposure on phyllosphere bacterial community of red-pigmented baby leaf lettuce
Food Microbiology, 66, pp. 77-85.

García-Ruiz, A., Baenas, N., Benítez-González, A.M., Stinco, C.M., Meléndez-Martínez, A.J., Moreno, D.A., Ruales, J. (2017)
Guayusa (Ilex guayusa L.) new tea: phenolic and carotenoid composition and antioxidant capacity
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 97 (12), pp. 3929-3936. Cited 1 time.

Espín, J.C., González-Sarrías, A., Tomás-Barberán, F.A. (2017)
The gut microbiota: A key factor in the therapeutic effects of (poly)phenols
Biochemical Pharmacology, 139, pp. 82-93. Cited 2 times.

Oliferuk, S., Ródenas, R., Pérez, A., Martinez, V., Rubio, F., Santa María, G.E. (2017)
How DELLAs contribute to control potassium uptake under conditions of potassium scarcity? Hypotheses and uncertainties
Plant Signaling and Behavior, . Article in Press.

de la Torre-González, A., Navarro-León, E., Albacete, A., Blasco, B., Ruiz, J.M. (2017)
Study of phytohormone profile and oxidative metabolism as key process to identification of salinity response in tomato commercial genotypes
Journal of Plant Physiology, 216, pp. 164-173. Cited 1 time.

Liu, L., Peng, B., Zhang, Z., Wu, Y., Miras, M., Aranda, M.A., Gu, Q. (2017)
Exploring different mutations at a single amino acid position of Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus replicase to attain stable symptom attenuation
Phytopathology, 107 (9), pp. 1080-1086.

Rubio, M., Martínez-Gómez, P., Marais, A., Sánchez-Navarro, J.A., Pallás, V., Candresse, T. (2017)
Recent advances and prospects in Prunus virology
Annals of Applied Biology, 171 (2), pp. 125-138.

Moreno, J.L., Bastida, F., Ondoño, S., García, C., Andrés-Abellán, M., López-Serrano, F.R. (2017)
Agro-forestry management of Paulownia plantations and their impact on soil biological quality: The effects of fertilization and irrigation treatments
Applied Soil Ecology, 117-118, pp. 46-56.

Maestre-Valero, J.F., Testi, L., Jiménez-Bello, M.A., Castel, J.R., Intrigliolo, D.S. (2017)
Evapotranspiration and carbon exchange in a citrus orchard using eddy covariance
Irrigation Science, 35 (5), pp. 397-408.

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