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Últimas Publicaciones del CEBAS

Montes de Oca-Vásquez, G., Solano-Campos, F., Vega-Baudrit, J.R., López-Mondéjar, R., Odriozola, I., Vera, A., Moreno, J.L., Bastida, F. (2020)
Environmentally relevant concentrations of silver nanoparticles diminish soil microbial biomass but do not alter enzyme activities or microbial diversity
Journal of Hazardous Materials, 391, art. no. 122224, .

Garcia-Ibañez, P., Sanchez-Garcia, M., Sánchez-Monedero, M.A., Cayuela, M.L., Moreno, D.A. (2020)
Olive tree pruning derived biochar increases glucosinolate concentrations in broccoli
Scientia Horticulturae, 267, art. no. 109329, .

Domingues, R.R., Sánchez-Monedero, M.A., Spokas, K.A., Melo, L.C.A., Trugilho, P.F., Valenciano, M.N., Silva, C.A. (2020)
Enhancing cation exchange capacity ofweathered soils using biochar: Feedstock, pyrolysis conditions and addition rate
Agronomy, 10 (6), art. no. 10060824, .

Sánchez-Navarro, V., Zornoza, R., Faz, Á., Egea-Gilabert, C., Ros, M., Pascual, J.A., Fernández, J.A. (2020)
Inoculation with different nitrogen-fixing bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhiza affects grain protein content and nodule bacterial communities of a fava bean crop
Agronomy, 10 (6), art. no. 768, .

Bombino, G., Boix-Fayos, C., Cataldo, M.F., D'Agostino, D., Denisi, P., de Vente, J., Labate, A., Zema, D.A. (2020)
A modified Catchment Connectivity Index for applications in semi-arid torrents of the Mediterranean environment
River Research and Applications, 36 (5), pp. 735-748.

Schoebitz, M., Castillo, D., Jorquera, M., Roldan, A. (2020)
Responses of microbiological soil properties to intercropping at different planting densities in an acidic Andisol
Agronomy, 10 (6), art. no. 781, .

Rodríguez-Caballero, G., Caravaca, F., Díaz, G., Torres, P., Roldán, A. (2020)
The invader Carpobrotus edulis promotes a specific rhizosphere microbiome across globally distributed coastal ecosystems
Science of the Total Environment, 719, art. no. 137347, .

López-Gálvez, F., Truchado, P., Tudela, J.A., Gil, M.I., Allende, A. (2020)
Critical points affecting the microbiological safety of bell peppers washed with peroxyacetic acid in a commercial packinghouse
Food Microbiology, 88, art. no. 103409, . Cited 2 times.

Giménez-Bastida, J.A., González-Sarrías, A., Espín, J.C., Schneider, C. (2020)
Inhibition of 5-Lipoxygenase-Derived Leukotrienes and Hemiketals as a Novel Anti-Inflammatory Mechanism of Urolithins
Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, 64 (11), art. no. 2000129, .

Raimundo, A.F., Félix, F., Andrade, R., García-Conesa, M.-T., González-Sarrías, A., Gilsa-Lopes, J., do Ó, D., Raimundo, A., Ribeiro, R., Rodriguez-Mateos, A., Santos, C.N., Schär, M., Silva, A., Cruz, I., Wang, B., Pinto, P., Menezes, R. (2020)
Combined effect of interventions with pure or enriched mixtures of (poly)phenols and anti-diabetic medication in type 2 diabetes management: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled human trials
European Journal of Nutrition, 59 (4), pp. 1329-1343.

Solano, C.J., Hernández, J.A., Suardíaz, J., Barba-Espín, G. (2020)
Impacts of leds in the red spectrum on the germination, early seedling growth and antioxidant metabolism of pea (Pisum sativum l.) and melon (cucumis melo l.)
Agriculture (Switzerland), 10 (6), art. no. 204, pp. 1-11.

Martínez, M.I., Barba-Espín, G., Favero, B.T., Lütken, H. (2020)
Rhizobium rhizogenes-mediated transformation of rhodiola rosea leaf explants
Bragantia, 79 (2), pp. 213-223.

Drain, A., Thouin, J., Wang, L., Boeglin, M., Pauly, N., Nieves-Cordones, M., Gaillard, I., Véry, A.-A., Sentenac, H. (2020)
Functional characterization and physiological roles of the single Shaker outward K+ channel in Medicago truncatula
Plant Journal, 102 (6), pp. 1249-1265.

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