Publicaciones Científicas- 2016

First blog post

Sáez, J.A., Belda, R.M., Bernal, M.P., Fornes, F. (2016)
Biochar improves agro-environmental aspects of pig slurry compost as a substrate for crops with energy and remediation uses
Industrial Crops and Products, 94, pp. 97-106.

Pardo, T., Martínez-Fernández, D., de la Fuente, C., Clemente, R., Komárek, M., Bernal, M.P. (2016)
Maghemite nanoparticles and ferrous sulfate for the stimulation of iron plaque formation and arsenic immobilization in Phragmites australis.
Environmental Pollution, 219, pp. 296-304.

Pardo, T., Bes, C., Bernal, M.P., Clemente, R. (2016)
Alleviation of environmental risks associated with severely contaminated mine tailings using amendments: Modeling of trace element speciation, solubility, and plant accumulation
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 35 (11), pp. 2874-2884.

Arco-Lázaro, E., Agudo, I., Clemente, R., Bernal, M.P. (2016)
Arsenic(V) adsorption-desorption in agricultural and mine soils: Effects of organic matter addition and phosphate competition.
Environmental Pollution, 216, pp. 71-79.

Alguacil, M.M., Torres, M.P., Montesinos-Navarro, A., Roldán, A. (2016)
Soil characteristics driving arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities in semiarid Mediterranean soils.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 82 (11), pp. 3348-3356.

Martín-Mata, J., Lahoz-Ramos, C., Bustamante, M.A., Marhuenda-Egea, F.C., Moral, R., Santos, A., Sáez, J.A., Bernal, M.P. (2016)
Thermal and spectroscopic analysis of organic matter degradation and humification during composting of pig slurry in different scenarios.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, pp. 1-13. Article in Press.

Armada, E., Probanza, A., Roldán, A., Azcón, R. (2016)
Native plant growth promoting bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis and mixed or individual mycorrhizal species improved drought tolerance and oxidative metabolism in Lavandula dentata plants.
Journal of Plant Physiology, 192, pp. 1-12.

Kohler, J., Caravaca, F., Azcón, R., Díaz, G., Roldán, A. (2016)
Suitability of the microbial community composition and function in a semiarid mine soil for assessing phytomanagement practices based on mycorrhizal inoculation and amendment addition.
Journal of Environmental Management, 169, pp. 236-246.

Santos, A., Bustamante, M.A., Tortosa, G., Moral, R., Bernal, M.P. (2016)
Gaseous emissions and process development during composting of pig slurry: The influence of the proportion of cotton gin waste.
Journal of Cleaner Production, 112, pp. 81-90.

Martínez-Alcalá, I; Bernal, MP; de la Fuente, C ; Gondar, D; Clemente, R (2016).
Changes in the heavy metal solubility of two contaminated soils after heavy metals phytoextraction with Noccaea caerulescens.  


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