Publicaciones Científicas- 2018

First blog post

Bessrour, M., Chelbi, N., Moreno, D.A., Chibani, F., Abdelly, C., Carvajal, M. (2018)
Interaction of Salinity and CaCO3 Affects the Physiology and Fatty Acid Metabolism in Portulaca oleracea
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 66 (26), pp. 6683-6691.

Martínez-Ballesta, M.D.C., García-Gómez, P., Yepes-Molina, L., Guarnizo, A.L., Teruel, J.A., Carvajal, M. (2018)
Plasma membrane aquaporins mediates vesicle stability in broccoli
PLoS ONE, 13 (2), art. no. e0192422,.


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