Publicaciones Científicas- 2010

First blog post

M.C Martínez-Ballesta, R. Dominguez-Perles, B. Muries, C. Alcaraz-López, D.A Moreno, C. García-Viguera, M. Carvajal. (2010)
Plant mineral content and their role in promoting human health.
Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 30, 295–309

Iglesias, M, Martínez-Ballesta, M.C. Teruel, J.A. Carvajal, M. (2010)
High temperature effect on broccoli roots. The role of aquaporins in water permeability.
Environmental and Experimental Botany 68, 83-90

Bastías, E., Alcaraz-López, C., Martínez-Ballesta, M.C., Carvajal, M. (2010)
Interactions between salinity and boron toxicity involve apoplastic calcium in tomato plants.
Journal of Plant Physiology 167, 54-60

R. Dominguez-Perles, M.C. Martínez-Ballesta, M. Carvajal, C. García-Viguera, D.A. Moreno. (2010)
Broccoli-Derived By-Products—A Promising Source of Bioactive
Journal of Food Chemistry. 75, 383-392

B. Nedjimi, C. López-Berenguer, Y. Daoud, M. Carvajal, M.C. Martínez-Ballesta. (2010)
Improvement of the adaptation of Lygeum spartum L. to salinity under the presence of calcium.
Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 41: 2301-2317

Muries, B, Casado-Vela, J. Elortza, F, Carvajal, M, Martínez-Ballesta, M.C. (2010) Characterization and de novo sequencing of broccoli aquaporins involved in the response to salinity by high resolution mass spectrometry.
Journal of Proteome Research 9(7), 3479-3494.

Dominguez-Perles, R. M.C. Martínez-Ballesta, M. Carvajal, C. García-Viguera, D.A. Moreno. (2010)
Broccoli-derived byproducts to be promising sources of bioactive ingredients.
Journal of Food Science 75 (4), 383- 392.

M. C. Martínez-Ballesta, C. Alcaraz-López, B. Muries, C. Mota, M Carvajal. (2010)
Physiological aspects of rootstock-scion interactions.
Scientia Horticulturae. 127, 112-118

Mota-Cadenas C, Alcaraz-López C, Martínez-Ballesta, M.C. Carvajal, M. (2010)
How salinity affect CO2 fixation by horticultural crops.
Hortscience  45 (11):1-6.

Rato,A.E.; Agulheiro,A.C.; Barroso,J.M.; Riquelme F. (2010)
The effect of different calcium fruit content in physical and mechanical properties of European plum (Prunus domestica L.)
Journal of Plant Nutrition, 33 (3): 391 – 404


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