Publicaciones Científicas- 2018

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Bernal-Vicente, A., Cantabella, D., Petri, C., Hernández, J.A., Diaz-Vivancos, P. (2018)
The Salt-Stress Response of the Transgenic Plum Line J8-1 and Its Interaction with the Salicylic Acid Biosynthetic Pathway from Mandelonitrile
International journal of molecular sciences, 19 (11), .

Bernal-Vicente, A., Cantabella, D., Hernández, J.A., Diaz-Vivancos, P. (2018)
The effect of mandelonitrile, a recently described salicylic acid precursor, on peach plant response against abiotic and biotic stresses
Plant Biology, 20 (6), pp. 986-994.

Vidal, A., Cantabella, D., Bernal-Vicente, A., Díaz-Vivancos, P., Hernández, J.A. (2018)
Nitrate- and nitric oxide-induced plant growth in pea seedlings is linked to antioxidative metabolism and the ABA/GA balance
Journal of Plant Physiology, 230, pp. 13-20. Cited 1 time.

Ortuño MF; Lorente B; Hernandez JA; Sanchez-Blanco MJ (2018)
Mycorrhizal inoculation on compost substrate affects nutritional balance, water uptake and photosynthetic efficiency in Cistus albidus plants submitted to water stress.
Brazilian Journal of Botany 41: 299-310.

Chu, M.Y., Almagro, L., Chen, B.H., Burgos, L., Pedreño, M.A. (2018)
Recent trends and comprehensive appraisal for the biotechnological production of trans-resveratrol and its derivatives
Phytochemistry Reviews, 17 (3), pp. 491-508.

Petri, C., Alburquerque, N., Faize, M., Scorza, R., Dardick, C. (2018)
Current achievements and future directions in genetic engineering of European plum (Prunus domestica L.)
Transgenic Research, 27 (3), pp. 225-240.

Barba-Espin G, Glied S, Dzhanfezova T, Joernsgaard B, Lütken H, Müller R (2018) Preharvest application of ethephon and postharvest UV-B radiation improve quality traits of beetroot (Beta vulgaris L. ssp. vulgaris) as source of colourants.
BMC Plant Biology

Barba-Espin, G., Chen, S. T., Jensen, M., Mueller, R., & Lutken, H. (2018).
Exploring hairy root culture of black carrot for mass production of anthocyanins.
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Plant 54: S55-S55). 233 SPRING ST, NEW YORK, NY 10013 USA: SPRINGER.

Alburquerque N, Faize L, Faize M, Nortes MD, Bernardeau J, Ruiz-Fernández JM y Burgos L. (2018)
Towards the valorisation of the invasive seaweeds Caulerpa cylindracea and Asparagopsis taxiformis in the Mediterranean Sea: Applications for in vitro plant regeneration and crop protection
Journal of Applied Phycology. DOI: 10.1007/s10811-018-1640-x

Smaili A, Rifai L, Mazoir N, Koussa T, Bremaud L, Alburquerque N, Burgos L, Makroum K, Belfaiza M, Benharref A y Faize M. (2018)
Semisynthetic triterpenes derived from Euphorbia officinarum as plant growth promoters and inducers of disease resistance.
Journal of Plant Growth Regulation. DOI:

Alburquerque, N.; García-Almodovar, R.C.; Valverde J.M.; Burgos, L.; Martínez-Valero, A.L.; Martínez-Romero, D. (2018)
Selección de clones de Jatropha curcas según la calidad de su aceite.
Agricola Vergel 322-324.


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