Publicaciones Científicas- 2017

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Fortugno, D., Boix-Fayos, C., Bombino, G., Denisi, P., Quiñonero Rubio, J.M., Tamburino, V., Zema, D.A. (2017)
Adjustments in channel morphology due to land-use changes and check dam installation in mountain torrents of Calabria (southern Italy)
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 42 (14), pp. 2469-2483.

de Brouwer, J.H.F., Eekhout, J.P.C., Besse-Lototskaya, A.A., Hoitink, A.J.F., Ter Braak, C.J.F., Verdonschot, P.F.M. (2017)
Flow thresholds for leaf retention in hydrodynamic wakes downstream of obstacles
Ecohydrology, 10 (7), art. no. e1883, .

de Vente, J., Bautista, S., Orr, B. (2017)
Preface: Optimizing science impact for effective implementation of Sustainable Land Management
Journal of Environmental Management, 195, pp. 1-3.

Ferrarini, A., Serra, P., Almagro, M., Trevisan, M. and Amaducci, S., 2017.
Multiple ecosystem services provision and biomass logistics management in bioenergy buffers: A state-of-the-art review
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 73: 277-290.

Hunink, J.E., Eekhout, J.P.C., de Vente, J., Contreras, S., Droogeres, P. and Baille, A., 2017.
Hydrological Modelling using Satellite-Based Crop Coefficients: A Comparison of Methods at the Basin Scale.
Remote Sensing, 9(2): 174.

Prieto I., Birouste M., Zamora-Ledezma E., Gentit A., Goldin J., Volaire F., Roumet C., 2017. Decomposition rates of fine roots from three herbaceous perennial species: combined effect of root mixture composition and living plant community.
Plant and Soil, in press.

Prieto I., Violle C., Barre P., Litrico I., 2017.
Five species, many genotypes, broad phenotypic diversity: when agronomy meets functional ecology.
American Journal of Botany, 104 (1): 1 – 10.

Querejeta, J.I., 2017.
Chapter 17 – Soil Water Retention and Availability as Influenced by Mycorrhizal Symbiosis: Consequences for Individual Plants, Communities, and Ecosystems
pp. 299-317. In: Mycorrhizal Mediation of Soil: Fertility, Structure and Carbon Storage. Collins Johnson, N., Gehring, C. and Jansa, J. (Editors). ISBN 978-0-12-804312-7.

Navarro Cano, J.A., Goberna Estellés, M., González Barerá, G., Castillo Sánchez, V.M., Verdú del Campo, M., 2017.
Restauración ecológica en ambientes semiáridos. Recuperar las interacciones biológicas y las funciones ecosistémicas,
pp. 159. CSIC.

Montesinos-Navarro, A., Verdú, M., Querejeta, J.I., Valiente-Banuet, A. (2017)
Nurse plants transfer more nitrogen to distantly related species
Ecology, 98 (5), pp. 1300-1310.

Boix-Fayos, C., Martínez-Mena, M., Cutillas, P.P., de Vente, J., Barberá, G.G., Mosch, W., Navarro Cano, J.A., Gaspar, L., Navas, A. (2017)
Carbon redistribution by erosion processes in an intensively disturbed catchment
Catena, 149, pp. 799-809. Cited 1 time.

Pardo, G., del Prado, A., Martínez-Mena, M., Bustamante, M.A., Martín, J.A.R., Álvaro-Fuentes, J., Moral, R. (2017)
Orchard and horticulture systems in Spanish Mediterranean coastal areas: Is there a real possibility to contribute to C sequestration?
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 238, pp. 153-167.


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