Publicaciones Científicas- 2019

First blog post

Starke, R., Jehmlich, N., Bastida, F. (2019)
Using proteins to study how microbes contribute to soil ecosystem services: The current state and future perspectives of soil metaproteomics
Journal of Proteomics, 198, pp. 50-58.

Bastida, F., López-Mondéjar, R., Baldrian, P., Andrés-Abellán, M., Jehmlich, N., Torres, I.F., García, C., López-Serrano, F.R. (2019)
When drought meets forest management: Effects on the soil microbial community of a Holm oak forest ecosystem
Science of the Total Environment, 662, pp. 276-286. Cited 1 time.

Montiel-Rozas, M.D.M., Hurtado-Navarro, M., Díez-Rojo, M.Á., Pascual, J.A., Ros, M. (2019)
Sustainable alternatives to 1,3-dichloropropene for controlling root-knot nematodes and fungal pathogens in melon crops in Mediterranean soils: Efficacy and effects on soil quality
Environmental Pollution, pp. 1046-1054.

Fiorentino, N., Sánchez-Monedero, M.A., Lehmann, J., Enders, A., Fagnano, M., Cayuela, M.L. (2019)
Interactive priming of soil N transformations from combining biochar and urea inputs: A 15 N isotope tracer study
Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 131, pp. 166-175.

Sánchez-García, M., Cayuela, M.L., Rasse, D.P., Sánchez-Monedero, M.A. (2019)
Biochars from Mediterranean Agroindustry Residues: Physicochemical Properties Relevant for C Sequestration and Soil Water Retention
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 7 (5), pp. 4724-4733.

Bastida, F., Jehmlich, N., Martínez-Navarro, J., Bayona, V., García, C., Moreno, J.L. (2019)
The effects of struvite and sewage sludge on plant yield and the microbial community of a semiarid Mediterranean soil
Geoderma, 337, pp. 1051-1057.

Moreno, J.L., Torres, I.F., García, C., López-Mondéjar, R., Bastida, F. (2019)
Land use shapes the resistance of the soil microbial community and the C cycling response to drought in a semi-arid area
Science of the Total Environment, 648, pp. 1018-1030.

Giménez, A., Fernández, J.A., Pascual, J.A., Ros, M., López-Serrano, M., Egea-Gilabert, C. (2019)
An agroindustrial compost as alternative to peat for production of baby leaf red lettuce in a floating system
Scientia Horticulturae, 246, pp. 907-915.

Borchard, N., Schirrmann, M., Cayuela, M.L., Kammann, C., Wrage-Mönnig, N., Estavillo, J.M., Fuertes-Mendizábal, T., Sigua, G., Spokas, K., Ippolito, J.A., Novak, J. (2019)
Biochar, soil and land-use interactions that reduce nitrate leaching and N<inf>2</inf>O emissions: A meta-analysis
Science of the Total Environment, 651, pp. 2354-2364. Cited 1 time.


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