Publicaciones Científicas- 2018

First blog post

Intriago, J.C., López-Gálvez, F., Allende, A., Vivaldi, G.A., Camposeo, S., Nicolás Nicolás, E., Alarcón, J.J., Pedrero Salcedo, F. (2018)
Agricultural reuse of municipal wastewater through an integral water reclamation management
Journal of Environmental Management, 213, pp. 135-141.

Bastida, F., Torres, I.F., Abadía, J., Romero-Trigueros, C., Ruiz-Navarro, A., Alarcón, J.J., García, C., Nicolás, E. (2018)
Comparing the impacts of drip irrigation by freshwater and reclaimed wastewater on the soil microbial community of two citrus species
Agricultural Water Management, 203, pp. 53-62.

Álvarez, S., Rodríguez, P., Broetto, F., Sánchez-Blanco, M.J. (2018)
Long term responses and adaptive strategies of Pistacia lentiscus under moderate and severe deficit irrigation and salinity: Osmotic and elastic adjustment, growth, ion uptake and photosynthetic activity
Agricultural Water Management, 202, pp. 253-262. Cited 1 time.

Moriana, A., Memmi, H., Centeno, A., Martín-Palomo, M.J., Corell, M., Torrecillas, A., Pérez-López, D. (2018)
Influence of rootstock on pistachio (Pistacia vera L. cv Kerman) water relations
Agricultural Water Management, 202, pp. 263-270.

Galindo, A., Collado-González, J., Griñán, I., Corell, M., Centeno, A., Martín-Palomo, M.J., Girón, I.F., Rodríguez, P., Cruz, Z.N., Memmi, H., Carbonell-Barrachina, A.A., Hernández, F., Torrecillas, A., Moriana, A., López-Pérez, D. (2018)
Deficit irrigation and emerging fruit crops as a strategy to save water in Mediterranean semiarid agrosystems
Agricultural Water Management, 202, pp. 311-324.

Playán, E., Salvador, R., Bonet, L., Camacho, E., Intrigliolo, D.S., Moreno, M.A., Rodríguez-Díaz, J.A., Tarjuelo, J.M., Madurga, C., Zazo, T., Sánchez-de-Ribera, A., Cervantes, A., Zapata, N. (2018)
Assessing telemetry and remote control systems for water users associations in Spain
Agricultural Water Management, 202, pp. 89-98.

González-Real, M.M., Martin-Gorriz, B., Egea, G., Nortes, P.A., Baille, A. (2018)
Characterization and modelling of soil CO2 efflux in old and young irrigated citrus orchards
Catena, 162, pp. 376-385.

Maestre-Valero, J.F., Martin-Gorriz, B., Nicolas, E., Martínez-Mate, M.A., Martínez-Alvarez, V. (2018)
Deficit irrigation with reclaimed water in a citrus orchard. Energy and greenhouse-gas emissions analysis
Agricultural Systems, 159, pp. 93-102.


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