Publicaciones Científicas- 2016

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Navarro-León, E., Albacete, A., Romero, L., Blasco, B., Ruiz, J.M. (2016)
Response of carboxylate metabolism to zinc deficiency in Lactuca sativa and Brassica oleracea plants
Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 179 (6), pp. 758-764.

Cantero-Navarro, E., Romero-Aranda, R., Fernández-Muñoz, R., Martínez-Andújar, C., Pérez-Alfocea, F., Albacete, A. (2016)
Improving agronomic water use efficiency in tomato by rootstock-mediated hormonal regulation of leaf biomass
Plant Science, 251, pp. 90-100. Cited 3 times.

Navarro-León, E., Albacete, A., Torre-González, A.D.L., Ruiz, J.M., Blasco, B. (2016) Phytohormone profile in Lactuca sativa and Brassica oleracea plants grown under Zn deficiency.
Phytochemistry, . Article in Press.

Martínez-Nicolás, J.J., Melgarejo, P., Legua, P., García-Sánchez, F., Hernández, F. (2016)
Genetic diversity of pomegranate germplasm collection from Spain determined by fruit, seed, leaf and flower characteristics
PeerJ, 2016 (7), art. no. e2214,

García-Sánchez, F., Simon-Grao, S., Perez-Perez, J.G., Gimeno, V., Martinez-Nicolas, J.J. (2016)
Methods used for the improvement of crop productivity under water stress
Water Stress and Crop Plants: A Sustainable Approach, 2-2, pp. 484-505.

Gimeno, V., Simón, I., Martínez, V., Nieves, M., Balal, R.M., García-Sánchez, F. (2016)
Orange varieties as interstock in 'verna' lemon trees increase the salt tolerance but not the drought or flooding tolerance
Acta Horticulturae, 1065, pp. 1335-1342.

Gimeno, V., Simón, I., Martínez, V., Lidón, V., Shahid, M.A., García-Sánchez, F. (2016)
Effect of shade screen on production, fruit quality and growth parameters of 'Fino 49' lemon trees grafted on Citrus macrophylla and sour orange
Acta Horticulturae, 1065, pp. 1845-1852.

Rodriguez-Ortega, W.M., Martinez, V., Rivero, R.M., Camara-Zapata, J.M., Mestre, T., García-Sánchez, F. (2016)
Use of a smart irrigation system to study the effects of irrigation management on the agronomic and physiological responses of tomato plants grown under different temperatures regimes
Agricultural Water Management", In Press.

Simon-Grao, S., Simon, I., Lidon, V., Conesa, A., Manera, J., Brotons, J.M., Martinez-Nicolas, J.J., García-Sánchez, F. (2016)
Effects of shade screens and mulching on the color change of fruits from “Fino 49” lemon trees irrigated with water of different salinity or irrigation regimes
Scientia Horticulturae", 209, 316-322.

Ferrández-Ayela, A., Sánchez-García, A.B., Martínez-Andújar, C., Kevei, Z., Gifford, M.L., Thompson, A.J., Pérez-Alfocea, F., Pérez-Pérez, J.M. (2016)
Identification of novel stress-responsive biomarkers from gene expression datasets in tomato roots
Functional Plant Biology, 43 (8), pp. 783-796.

Calvo-Polanco, M., Sánchez-Romera, B., Aroca, R., Asins, M.J., Declerck, S., Dodd, I.C., Martínez-Andújar, C., Albacete, A., Ruiz-Lozano, J.M. (2016)
Exploring the use of recombinant inbred lines in combination with beneficial microbial inoculants (AM fungus and PGPR) to improve drought stress tolerance in tomato
Environmental and Experimental Botany, 131, 47-57.

Nieves-Cordones, M., Ródenas, R., Chavanieu, A., Rivero, R.M., Martinez, V., Gaillard, I., Rubio, F. (2016)
Uneven HAK/KUP/KT protein diversity among angiosperms: Species distribution and perspectives.
Frontiers in Plant Science, 7 (FEB2016), art. no. 127.

Suzuki, N., Bassil, E., Hamilton, J.S., Inupakutika, M.A., Zandalinas, S.I., Tripathy, D., Luo, Y., Dion, E., Fukui, G., Kumazaki, A., Nakano, R., Rivero, R.M., Verbeck, G.F., Azad, R.K., Blumwald, E., Mittler, R. (2016)
ABA is required for plant acclimation to a combination of salt and heat stress.
PLoS ONE, 11 (1), art. no. 0147625 .

Pérez-Pérez, JG ; Robles, JM ; García-Sánchez, F; Botia, P (2016).
Comparison of deficit and saline irrigation strategies to confront water restriction in lemon trees grown in semi-arid regions.  


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