Publicaciones Científicas- 2023

First blog post

Buckley C.R., Li X., Martí M.C., Haydon M.J. (2023)
A bittersweet symphony: Metabolic signals in the circadian system
Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 73, art. no. 102333, Cited 1 times.
DOI: 10.1016/j.pbi.2022.102333

De Brasi-Velasco S, Sánchez-Guerrero A, Castillo MC, Vertommen D,  León J, Sevilla F, Jiménez A. (2023)
Thioredoxin TRXo1 is involved in ABA perception via PYR1 redox regulation.
Redox Biology 63:102750

Rivero Meza, S.L., Hirsch Ramos, A., Cañizares, L., Raphaelli, C.D.O., Bueno Peres, B., Gaioso, C.A., Egea, I., Estrada, Y., Flores, F.B., de Oliveira, M. (2023)
A review on amaranth protein: composition, digestibility, health benefits and food industry utilisation
International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 58 (3), pp. 1564-1574. Cited 2 times.
DOI: 10.1111/ijfs.16056

Aghdam, M.S., Mukherjee, S., Flores, F.B., Arnao, M.B., Luo, Z., Corpas, F.J. (2023)
Functions of Melatonin during Postharvest of Horticultural Crops
Plant & cell physiology, 63 (12), pp. 1764-1786. Cited 12 times.
DOI: 10.1093/pcp/pcab175

Christopher R. Buckley, Xiang Li, María Carmen Martí and Michael J. Haydon (2023).
A bittersweet symphony: Metabolic signals in the circadian system.
Current Opinion in Plant Biology 73, 102333.

Egea, I., Estrada, Y., Faura, C., Egea-Fernández, J.M., Bolarín, M.C., Flores, F.B. (2023)
Salt-tolerant alternative crops as sources of quality food to mitigate the negative impact of salinity on agricultural production
Frontiers in Plant Science, 14, art. no. 1092885, .
DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2023.1092885


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