Ana Jiménez Hurtado
Dr. Juan Carlos Espín de Gea

Research Group:
Laboratory of Food and Health,
Group of Quality, Safety and Bioactivity of Plant Foods
30100 Campus de Espinardo,
Murcia (Spain)
Telf.: +34-968 39 6200 / Ext: 445344
Fax: +34-968 39 62 13

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Topics of Interest:

He is interested in the role of polyphenols on human health, covering both scientific production and the transfer of knowledge, resulting in commercial products, with high impact on the generation of wealth. He has 20 years of experience in the design and development of clinical trials to investigate the metabolism and bioactivity of food bioactives in obesity, cancer and cardiometabolic diseases. His research also aims to understand the high inter-individual variability behind the consumption of dietary bioactives, highlighting the targeting of the gut microbiota to prevent or treat different diseases.


  • Biological activity of polyphenols (human interventions, clinical trials in patients and animal models):
  • Modulation of the gut microbiota (microbial DNA sequencing).
  • Cell models to unravel mechanisms using physiologically relevant conditions: First in vivo, then in vitro.
  • Bioavailability, metabolism and tissue distribution of polyphenols (pharmacokinetics, identification of metabolites in human tumors, etc.): Targeted and non-targeted metabolomics.
  • Development of functional foods, and validation through human clinical trials.
  • Personalized nutrition (specific activity of bioactives depending on the individual).