F. Tomás Barberán
Dr. Francisco A. Tomás Barberán

Department and Group:
Quality, safety and bioactivity of Plant Foods
P.O. Box 164 Espinardo Murcia, Spain
Telf.: +34-968 39 6200 / Ext - 6334
Fax: +34-968 39 62 13

Personal web page: www.cebas.csic.es

Topics of Interest:

He is interested in the role of phenolic phytochemicals on food quality and human health. His current research aims to the identification of those food constituents that provide health benefits, the mechanisms by which they act and the effect of genetic, agronomic and processing factors on these metabolites.
Bioavailability and metabolism of these phenolic compounds are essential for their efficacy. Interactions of phenolics with gut microbiota modulate their absorption and health effects.


  • Evaluation of the effect of different factors (agronomic, genetic and technological) on the phenolic phytochemicals content, bioavailability and biological activity
  • Development of functional ingredients and foods based on bioactive and bioavailable polyphenols
  • Polyphenols biological activity evaluation; in vitro (cell cultures) and in vivo (animal models and clinical studies)
  • Polyphenols bioavailability and metabolism
  • Effect of polyphenols and their metabolites on human gene expression