Publicaciones Científicas- 2011

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Lambrechts T., Couder E., Bernal M.P., Faz A., Iserentant A., Lutts S. 2011.
Assessment of heavy metal bioavailability in contaminated soils from a former mining area (La Union, Spain) using a rhizospheric test Water.
Air and Soil Pollution 217, 333-346. Índice Impacto: 1,765 Q2.

Alburquerque, J.A., de la Fuente, C., Bernal, M.P. 2011.
Improvement of soil quality after “alperujo” compost application to two contaminated soils characterised by differing heavy metal solubility.
Journal of Environmental Management 92, 733-741. Índice Impacto: 2,597 Q1.

Pardo, T., Clemente, R., Bernal, M.P. 2011.
Effects of compost, pig slurry and lime on trace element solubility and toxicity in two soils differently affected by mining activities.
Chemosphere 84, 642-650. Índice Impacto: 3,155 Q1.

Moreno-Jiménez, E., Beesley, L., Lepp, N.W., Dickinson, N.M., Hartley, W., Clemente, R. 2011.
Field sampling of soil pore water to evaluate trace element mobility and associated environmental risk.
Environmental Pollution 159, 3078-3085. Índice Impacto: 3,395 Q1.

Karami, N., Clemente, R., Moreno-Jiménez, E., Lepp, N.W., Beesley, L. 2011.
Efficiency of green waste compost and biochar soil amendments for reducing lead and copper mobility and uptake to ryegrass.
Journal of Hazardous Materials 191, 41-48. Índice Impacto: 3,723 Q1.

de la Fuente, C., Clemente, R., Martínez-Alcalá, I., Tortosa, G., Bernal, M.P. 2011.
Impact of fresh and composted solid olive husk and their water-soluble fractions on soil heavy metal fractionation; microbial biomass and plant uptake.
Journal of Hazardous Materials 186, 1283-1289. Índice Impacto: 3,723 Q1.

Martinez-Medina, A., Roldán, A., Pascual, J. (2011).
Interaction between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Trichoderma harzianum under conventional and low input fertilization in melon crops: Growth response and Fusarium wilt biocontrol.
Applied Soil Ecology, 47:98-105. Indice Impacto 2,579 Q1

Alguacil, M.M., Roldán, A., Salinas-Garcia, J.R., Querejeta, J.I (2011).
No-tillage affects the phosphorus status, isotopic composition and crop yield of Phaseolus vulgaris in a rainfed farming system.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture , 91:268-272 Indice Impacto 1,382 Q2

Martinez-Medina, A., Roldán, A., Albacete, A. Pascual, J.(2011)
The interaction with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi or Trichoderma harzianum alters the shoot hormonal profile in melon plants.
Phytochemistry , 72:223-229 Indice Impacto 3,154 Q1

Alguacil, M.M., Torres, M.P., Torrecillas, E., Roldán, A (2011).
Plant type differently promotes the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi  biodiversity in their rhizospheres after revegetation of a degraded semiarid land.
Soil Biology and Biochemistry , 43:167-173 Indice Impacto 3,32 Q1

Alguacil, M.M., Torrecillas, E., Kohler, J. Roldán, A. (2011)
A molecular approach to ascertain the success of  “in situ” inoculation with AM fungi in relation to the revegetation of a semiarid, degraded land.
Science of the Total Environment, 409:2874-2880 . ) Indice Impacto 3,386 Q1

Carrasco, R. Azcón, J. Kohler, A. Roldán and F. Caravaca (2011)
Comparative effects of native filamentous and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the establishment of an autochthonous, leguminous shrub growing in a metal-contaminated soil.
Science of the Total Environment 409:1205-1209. Indice Impacto 3,386 Q1

M. Alguacil, E. Torrecillas , F. Caravaca , D.A. Fernández , R. Azcón , and A. Roldán.(2011)
The application of an organic amendment modifies the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities colonizing native seedlings grown in a heavy-metal-polluted soil.
Soil Biology and Biochemistry , 43:1498-1508. Indice Impacto 3,32 Q1

M.M. Alguacil, Torrecillas, E., Lozano, Z., Roldán, A. (2011)
Evidence of different AM fungi communities in galls and roots of prunus persica infected by the root-knot nematode Meloydogine incognita.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology , 77:8656-8661. Indice Impacto 3,835 Q1

Lumini, E., Vallino, M.,  Alguacil, M.M., Romani, M.,  Bianciotto, V. (2011).
Different farming and water regimes in Italian rice fields affect arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal soil communities.
Ecological Applications 21:1696-1707, Indice de impacto 4.276 Q1.

Aguilar, Y., Bautista, F., Díaz-Pereira, E., (2011).
Soils as natural reactors for swine wastewater treatment.
Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems, 13: 199-210.

Díaz-Pereira, E., Anaya-Romero, M., de la Rosa, D., (2011).
Modelos de evaluación agro-ecológica de tierras: erosión y contaminación en el entorno MicroLEIS.
Teoría y Praxis, 9: 91-107.


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