Publicaciones Científicas- 2009

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Bernal, M.P., Alburquerque, J.A., Moral, R. 2009.
Composting of animal manures and chemical criteria for compost maturity assessment. A review.
Bioresource Technology 100, 5444-5453.

Martínez-Alcalá, I., Clemente, R., Bernal, M.P. 2009.
Metal availability and chemical properties in the rhizosphere of Lupinus albus L. growing in a high-metal calcareous soil.
Water, Air and Soil Pollution 201, 283-293.

Moreno-Jiménez, E., Peñalosa, J.M., Esteban, E., Bernal, M.P. 2009.
Feasibility of arsenic phytostabilisation using Mediterranean shrubs: impact of root mineralization on As availability in soils.
Journal of Environmental Monitoring 11, 1375 -1380.

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Utilisation of manure composts by high-value crops: safety and environmental challenges.
Bioresource Technology 100, 5454-5460.

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Copper binding by olive mill solid waste and its organic matter fractions.
Geoderma 149, 272-279.

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Environmental and Experimental Botany 67, 243-259.

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Livestock waste treatment systems of the future: A challenge to environmental quality, food safety, and sustainability. OECD Workshop.
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Arsenic stability and mobilization in soil at an amenity grassland overlying chemical waste (St. Helens, UK).
Environmental Pollution 157, 847-856.

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Source-Pathway-Receptor investigation of the fate of trace elements derived from shotgun pellets discharged in terrestrial ecosystems managed for game shooting.
Environmental Pollution 157, 2663-2669.

Alguacil, M.M.; Roldán, A. & Torres, P.(2009)
Complexity of semiarid Gypsophilous shrub communities mediates the AMF biodiversity at the plant species level.
Microbial Ecology 57:718-727

Kohler, J., Hernández, J.A., Caravaca, F., Roldán, A. (2009)
Induction of antioxidant enzymes is involved in the greater effectiveness of a PGPR versus AM fungi with respect to increasing the tolerance of lettuce to severe salt stress.
Environmental and Experimental Botany 65:245-252.

Carrasco, L., Caravaca, F., Azcón, R., Roldán, A. (2009)
Soil acidity determines the effectiveness of an organic amendment and a native bacterium for increasing soil stabilisation in semiarid mine tailings.
Chemosphere 74:239-244

Azcón, R., Perálvarez, M.C., Biró, B., Roldán, A., Ruíz-Lozano, J.M. (2009)
Antioxidant activities and metals acquisition in mycorrhizal plants growing in a heavy metal multicontaminated soil amended with treated lignocellulosic agrowaste.
Applied Soil Ecology, 41:168-177.

Azcón, R., Medina, A., Roldán, A., Biró, B., Vivas, A. (2009).
Significance of treated agrowaste residue and autochthonous inoculates (Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Bacillus cereus) on bacterial community structure and phytoextraction to remediate heavy metals contaminated soils.
Chemosphere 75:327-334

Alguacil, M.M. Díaz-Pereira, E. F. Caravaca, D. A. Fernández, and A. Roldán.(2009)
Increased diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in a long-term field experiment via application of organic amendments to a semiarid degraded soil. 
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75:4254-4263.

Kohler, J., Caravaca, F., Alguacil, M.M., Roldán, A.(2009)
Elevated CO2 increases the effect of an arbuscular mycorrhizal  fungus and a plant-growth-promoting rizobacterium on structural stability of a semiarid agricultural soil under drought conditions.
Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 41:1710-1716

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Assessing the diversity of AM fungi in arid gypsophilous plant communities.
Environmental Microbiology  11:2649-2659.

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Effect of drought on the stability of rhizosphere soil aggregates of Lactuca sativa in a degraded soil inoculated with PGPR and AM fungi.
Applied Soil Ecology 42:160-165

Alguacil, M.M., Kohler, J., Caravaca; F. Roldán, A.(2009)
Differential effects of Pseudomonas mendocina and Glomus intraradices on lettuce plants physiological response and aquaporin PIP2 gene expression under elevated atmospheric CO2 and drought .
Microbial Ecology 58:942-951

Martínez-Medina; J. A Pascual; E. Lloret; A. Roldán. (2009)
Interactions between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Trichoderma harzianum, and their effects on Fusarium wilt in melon plants grown in seedling nurseries.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 89:1843-1850.

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Addition of microbially treated sugar beet residue and a native bacterium increases structural stability in heavy metal contaminated Mediterranean soils.
Science of the total Environment 21:5448-5454

Juan Manuel Ruiz-Lozano, Maria del Mar Alguacil, Gloria Bárzana, Paolo Vernieri and Ricardo Aroca.(2009).
Exogenous ABA accentuates the differences in root hydraulic properties between mycorrhizal and non mycorrhizal maize plants through regulation of PIP aquaporins
Plant Molecular Biology 70: 565-579

De la Rosa D., Anaya-Romero, M., Díaz-Pereira E., Heredia, N., Shahbazi, F. (2009)
Soil-specific agro-ecological strategies for sustainable land use – A case study by using MicroLEIS DSS in Sevilla Province (Spain).
Land Use Policy, 26:1055–1065.

Alburquerque, J.A., Gonzálvez J., Tortosa, G., Ait Baddi, G., Cegarra, J. 2009.
Evaluation of ‘‘alperujo’’ composting based on organic matter degradation, humification and compost quality.
Biodegradation 20 (2), 257-270. 

Alburquerque, J.A., Bautista-Carrascosa, I., Lidón, A., García-de-la-Fuente, R., Girbent, J., Abad, M., Cegarra, J. 2009.
Co-composting an animal fatty-proteinaceous waste with a solid lignocellulosic by-product from the olive oil industry (‘alperujo’).
Journal of chemical technology & biotechnology 84 (6), 918-926.      
Hachicha, S., Sellami, F., Cegarra, J., Hachicha, R., Noureddine, D., Medhioub, K., Ammar, E. 2009.
Biological activity during co-composting of sludge issued from the OMW evaporation ponds with poultry manure. Fhysico-chemical characterization of the processed organic matter.
Journal of Hazardous Materials 162, 402-409.

Ait Baddi, G., Cegarra, J., Merlina, G., Revel, J. C., Hafidi, M. 2009.
Qualitative and quantitative evolution of polyphenolic compounds during composting of an olive-mill waste-wheat straw mixture.
Journal of Hazardous Materials 165, 1119-1123


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