Publicaciones Científicas- 2012

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Muñoz-Mayor A., Pineda B., García-Abellán J.O., Antón T., García-Sogo B., Sánchez-Bel P., Flores F.B., Angosto T., Pintor-Toro J.A., Moreno V. y Bolarín M.C. 2012.
Overexpression of dehydrin tas14 gene improves the osmotic stress imposed by drought and salinity in tomato.
Journal of Plant Physiology 169:459– 468. IF=2,791 (1er cuartil)

Sánchez-Bel P., Egea I., Sánchez-Ballesta M.T., Sevillano L., Bolarín M.C. y Flores F.B. 2012.
Proteome changes in tomato fruits prior to chilling injury visual symptoms are linked to defensive mechanisms, uncoupling of photosynthetic processes and protein degradation machinery.
Plant and Cell Physiology 53(2):470–484 IF=4,702 (1er cuartil)

Sánchez-Bel P., Egea I., Sánchez-Ballesta M.T., Martínez-Madrid M.C., Fernández-García N., Romojaro F., Olmos E., Estrella E., Bolarín M.C. y Flores F.B. 2012.
Understanding the mechanisms of chilling injury in bell pepper fruits using the proteomic approach.
Journal of Proteomics 75:5463-5478. IF=4,878 (1er cuartil)

Sánchez-Bel, P, Egea, I., Serrano, M., Romojaro, F. and Pretel, M.T. 2012.
Ready-to-use segments from traditional orange variety obtained by enzymatic peeling.
Food science and technology international,18(1),63-72 IF=0.577 (3er cuartil)

C.D. Mellisho, I. Egea, A. Galindo, P. Rodríguez, J. Rodríguez, W. Conejero, F. Romojaro, A. Torrecillas. 2012.
Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) fruit response to different deficit irrigation conditions.
Agricultural Water Management 114: 30- 36. IF=1.998 (1er cuartil)

C. Barsan, M. Zouine, E. Maza, W. Bian, I. Egea, M. Rossignol, D. Bouyssie, C. Pichereaux, E. Purgatto, M. Bouzayen, A. Latche, and J.C. Pech. 2012.
Proteomic Analysis of Chloroplast-to-Chromoplast Transition in Tomato Reveals Metabolic Shifts Coupled with Disrupted Thylakoid Biogenesis Machinery and Elevated Energy-Production Components.
Plant Physiology, 160: 708 – 725. IF=7.054 (1er cuartil).

Camejo D, Martí MC, Olmos E, Torres W, Sevilla F, Jiménez A 2012.
Oligogalacturonides-induced response of antioxidant system in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) root.
Biologia Plantarum 56(3): 537-544. Indice de Impacto (IF)= 1.974. Quartil= 2º.

Hernández M, Fernández-García N, García-Garma J, Rubio-Asensio JS, Rubio F, Olmos E. (2012)
Potassium starvation induces oxidative stress in tomato roots.
Journal of Plant Physiology 169: 1366-1374. Indice de Impacto (IF)= 2.791. Quartil= 1º.

Plackett ARG, Powers SJ, Fernández-García N, Urbanova T, Takebayashi Y, Seo M, Jikumaru Y, Benlloch R, Nilsson O, Ruiz-Rivero O, Philips Al, Wilson ZA, Thomas SG, Hedden P. 2012.
Analysis of the developmental roles of Arabidopsis gibberellin 20-oxidases demonstrates that GA20ox1, -2 and -3 are the dominant parologs.
The Plant Cell 24(3): 941-960. Indice de Impacto (IF)= 8.987. Quartil= 1º.

Bloom AJ, Rubio-Asensio JS, Randall L, Rachmilevitch S, Cousins AB, Carlisle EA. 2012.
CO2 enrichment inhibits shoot nitrate assimilation in C3 but not C4 plants and slows growth under nitrate in C3 plants.
Ecology 93(2): 355-367.  . Indice de Impacto (IF)= 4.849. Quartil= 1º.

Hakmaoui A, García-Fontana B, Jiménez A, Camejo D, Sevilla F, Barón M. 2012.
Evaluation of the antioxidant response of Nicotiana benthamiana to viral infection by PMMoV virus 
Journal. Experimental. Botany. 63, No. 15, pp. 5487–5496. Indice de Impacto (IF)= 5.36. Quartil= 1º. (11/190).


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